Friday, October 12, 2012

Epsom: Overnight Delivery

Photo: Kristopher Zander
Epsom is (L-R):  Steven Sgro - Guitar, Voice; Scott Faingold - Voice; Timothy M. "Grumpy" Harte - Drums

"Overnight Delivery" is Epsom's Springloaded debut. For more information visit Epsom on Facebook


  1. Steven,
    This is rockin!
    Two questions: where is the bass I kind of hear it, but?
    What pedal are you using on your guitar for distorion?

  2. Hi Norman,

    Yes you do hear a bass. I have been intrusted with Stevhan Gobble's old Rickenbacker and we used it when we recorded this track. Live, no bass.

    For distortion I am using a Little Big Muff.


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